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BC Grants Calendar on Airtable 

Little Dog Creative Consulting provides consulting services for a variety of clients in the areas of grant writing, research & planning, arts management, capacity building and public fundraising. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They also have created this fabulous live tool on Airtable of BC funding programs and deadlines!

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Moving Beyond Statements of Solidarity

The Articule staff call on artist-run centres and arts organizations to move beyond statements of solidarity against anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, police brutality, and systemic oppression present in our local and national government and society in this open letter to artist-run centres.

This offering provides excellent resources enclosed, offering questions of reflection and steps for progression, but most importantly two statements we much keep at the forefront of our solidarity;

We must remind ourselves that any actions taken should come from a position of humility, listening, seeking consent, and consistent willingness to change and be changed.

We must remind ourselves that a list is not the answer, and we must focus our reflections on how and why; the capacity to listen and (un)learn is an ongoing practice and process that can never be completed.

Access the full statement here.

To view the full newsletter, click here.


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