Whahoo! AGOG has reopened!


We display and sell the work of 95 local and regional artists from around the Basin and it’s been more than 3 months we’ve been closed.

Over the last month we’ve all been working through the protocols set out by WorkSafeBC to ensure that when we reopen we’ve got everything ready for the safety of our staff and our guests. As the province moved into Phase 3, we felt this was the time.

Come on in and take a look next week and you’ll see the changes we’ve made and all the beautiful artwork we have on sale.

We have followed the Covid guidelines set out by the Public Health authorities. In the summer time, more than 60% of our visitors are from away so this process has been very helpful for staff to discuss and come to a resting place as to what felt comfortable for everyone’s safety.

For the most part it’s about physical distancing and asking folks to sanitize their hands when they come in and especially when you want to pick something up and admire it up close.

We found these superduper no touch auto hand sanitizers that’s worth the price of the free admission! Come in and try them as often as you like.

TICKET REFUNDS: If you are holding tickets for the cancelled Irish Mythen or Cécile Doo-Kingué concerts, now’s the time to come on in and get your refund. We’ll be open 10:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

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