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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the ways we deliver and consume creativity are themselves growing even more creative.

In Victoria, Theatre SKAM will bring a flatbed truck to your home and put on a show for you while you self-isolate. The Penticton and District Community Arts Council has brought arts care packages to families, teens and seniors. And in Barcelona, they’re serenading the house plants.

I’ve got a new murder mystery video game coming out today that I’m very excited to play. If you must know anything about me, it’s that I’m an amazing detective. There’s no case I can’t solve. I love compiling this newsletter, but I’m really missing the boat on my true calling as a private investigator. I’m willing to make that sacrifice, though, for the arts, and for you.

Now let’s crack this newsletter, gumshoes. The game is afoot.


Call for Resources

We’re Compiling a List of Equity and Inclusion Consultants and Resources

As issues of equity and justice take centre stage, the demand for consultants and resources around diversity, inclusion, and systemic change are at an all time high. Do you know an individual or organization undertaking this important work? Shoot an email to

Apply for a One-on-One Digital Consultation!

One of the great things about online projects is their responsiveness… how you can tweak them over time to achieve the best version of your creative vision. With that in mind, we’ve made just such a tweak to our original format, based on how we can best help you realize your individual needs. Gone are the Salons, and in their place, we’re excited to introduce a new component of Digital Ladders: Consultations!

It goes like this: complete the form on our Consultations page stating your digital need. If your application is chosen, we’ll match you with a member of our all-star Digital Ladders Faculty for a 45-minute exploratory session, to help them understand your project and the goals you hope to achieve. After some thought, there will be a second 45-minute consultative discussion to discuss potential approaches.

All this digital expertise and guidance can be yours for the low, low price of free.

Visit our Consultations page for more information. Spaces are limited. The application deadline is July 15.

Linked Digital Future: Introduction to Wikidata

This hands-on workshop from CAPACOA and Conseil québécois du théâtre is the first of a series of 9 progressive workshops on the use of Wikidata. What is Wikidata? It’s a free and editable knowledge base connected to Wikipedia. It is crawled by all search and recommendation engines. And it’s an essential part of your digital discoverability toolkit.

The first workshop is on Thursday, July 9, at 12:30 PM EDT (9:30 AM PT). It is intended for a beginner audience, and will help you discover Wikidata: its principles, features and values. The workshop series focuses primarily on the performing arts domain, but most workshop contents are transferable to other disciplines. All artists, cultural workers and arts enthusiasts are welcome. Register here in advance.

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