Heritage BC: Recovery, Tourism and a Special Offer

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Recovery, Tourism and a Special Offer
The Perfect Time for Action

As BC looks forward to loosening restrictions, a renewed emphasis will be placed on local tourism. Highlighting local and community activities, Destination BC is launching a major new marketing campaign to encourage BC residents to #ExploreBCLocal.

Whether you are planning to reopen sooner or later, this is the ideal time to prepare for the future of your heritage site, to support your community, and to be a part of BC’s recovery solution. When you decide it is time to open your doors, you will be ready to welcome “backyard tourists” from your community and nearby.

New and free opportunities are opening up, so we have put together a list of activities and resources to help you prepare for #ExploreBCLocal. All of this is free, so why miss out on an opportunity to help prepare for the future of your heritage site, to support your community, and to be a part of BC’s recovery solution?

Access Free Promotional Websites:

  • Visit HelloBC.com to see if your museum or historic site is listed. If your site is not listed, create a free account.
  • To complete the HelloBC.com registration, you will need to a free TripAdvisor listing. If you have not claimed your TripAdvisor listing, please do so now by clicking here.
  • While you are at it, list your museum or historic place on HistoricPlacesDay.ca, a free listing service and marketing campaign that is managed by Parks Canada and the National Trust for Canada. This year, Canada Historic Places Day will launch on Saturday July 4 and will continue to the end of August with new virtual tools to enhance the celebration.

Get help from Destination BC:

Do you have Questions or Need Additional Assistance?

Get help from Heritage BC and BC Museums Association:

  • Send us your best photos of your museum or historic site and we will create a social media graphic with the hashtag #ExploreBCLocal, plus the name of your site and your web address.
  • We will include your graphics in a social media campaign that will highlight BC historic places and will run throughout June, July and August.

All of this is free, so why miss out on an opportunity to help prepare for the future of your heritage site, to support your community, and to be a part of BC’s recovery solution?

Three Free Webinars in the Next Week!

Details for all webinars are found here. 

Mapping Heritage: Uncovering Community

Friday, May 29 at noon. Register here

Providing value and stimulating interest, Heritage BC’s cultural maps continue to be among the most visited pages on its website. The process of mapping heritage is more than putting pins on a map – it provides a way to bring communities together, while revealing a rich array of meaning and significance. In this workshop, we explore how cultural heritage maps not only interpret and document a community, but how the process is a social tool to bring people together to learn and to share values and to celebrate diversity and distinctiveness.

What is ‘good’ conservation?

Wednesday, June 3 at 1:00pm. Register here.

We may know what we want, but it is so difficult to achieve. With innumerable influences and interpretations, ‘good’ conservation can be elusive. But what is ‘good’ conservation? And who gets to say what is good and not? What is the balance between the ideal and the reality of heritage conservation and development?

We have invited several heritage professionals to start the conversation by offering their key responses to our leading question: What is ‘good’ conservation? We will then open the conversation as we challenge ourselves to answer this thorny question.

Building Communities With Social Purpose Real Estate & Heritage Partnerships

Friday, June 5 at noon. Register here.

Rising rents and taxes, neighbourhood revitalization and densification, and shifting government priorities make access to housing and space for community one of the most discussed topics in our society. From community hubs and mission-minded co-working spaces to art centres and family service centres, not-for-profit and social purpose organizations are leaders in driving community solutions, and heritage is very much a part of the spaces in which vital programs are delivered. Heritage and social purpose real estate also align in other ways including honoring community heritage and values and seeking to create community vitality and resilience. With the Covid19 pandemic, perhaps these sectors will draw even closer together as real estate impacts on heritage and social purpose properties becomes evident. This webinar provides an opportunity to explore what is social purpose real estate, where are the alignments with the heritage sector, and how might we partner in strengthening communities. From successful case studies, latest research findings, and opportunities for mission-based collaborations, social purpose real estate and heritage is a relationship rich with opportunity.

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