Your Monthly GHF Recap: Culture in Danger, Moroccan Monuments, and New Heritage Leadership

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The past months brought rallying calls for heritage protection. In March, we celebrated the women defending our world’s special cultures. But just one month later, the blaze at Notre Dame Cathedral highlighted that even our world’s most famous cultural sites are not safe from disaster.

At GHF, we know that the best time to respond to a cultural heritage emergency is before it occurs. Our programs such as AMAL in Heritage support emergency preparedness and documentation of our world’s irreplaceable monuments and traditions. In the wake of Notre Dame, I’m also pleased to announce the new GHF Awards to protect endangered historic sites in the Middle East and North Africa.

In addition to these groundbreaking awards, we are also supporting community-driven heritage protection in Morocco. Our programs are creating new opportunities for women and engaging over two thousand children in heritage education, building sustainable protection for cultural sites far removed from the public eye.

Thank you for supporting our mission of protecting cultural heritage through community empowerment. I invite you to contact us anytime and to connect with me directly via email and Twitter.


Nada Hosking
Executive Director
Global Heritage Fund

GHF Awards to Protect Endangered Heritage of Middle East and North Africa

The new GHF Awards will support teams protecting threatened cultural heritage throughout the MENA region. These awards are a groundbreaking opportunity to further support the people protecting our world’s endangered historic places in the Middle East and North Africa.


How Can We Prevent the Next Notre Dame Disaster?

Despite the tragedy at Notre Dame Cathedral, hundreds of magnificent cultural sites are still not safe from fire and other disasters. Cultural institutions and historic sites must commit to emergency preparedness and risk mitigation — before it’s too late.


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