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CRM is not about technology, it’s about people.

Constituent Relationship Management, or CRM, is a kind of software—a database, more precisely—to manage information. But CRM is more than that. At its best, it’s a cultural change that can ensure your organization tracks and acts on the most current information about all of the relationships on which it depends. CRM is not just a way to store data—it’s also a way to use that data to build relationships.

In this new article, we look at what that means and how your organization can use CRM to build, nurture, and grow the relationships that matter most. This article is informed by a larger research project funded by that we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks.

We’re able to provide it to you for free thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, DonorPerfect. We’re grateful for their support.

Learn more or get the article now.

Karen Graham
Director of Education and Outreach, Tech Impact
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