Culture Days Newsletter / April 15, 2019

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Being An Artist Means Health Risks—And Better Care Is Needed

What are the health risks of working as a professional artist? When we think about the work artists do, that question isn’t top of mind for most of us—but that is quickly changing.

In the third part of her series examining the theme of Creativity, the Arts, and Well-being, Leah Sandals speaks with those who advocate for and respond to the particular health needs of working artists.

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Upcoming Webinars with CAPACOA

We have two exciting webinars coming up, both presented in partnership with the CAPACOA and their Director of Research and Development, Frédéric Julien.

Join us April 24th at 2:00pm EDT for the ‘Deepening Sense of Belonging Through Arts and Culture’ webinar. We’ll explore how arts and culture programs and venues make our communities better places to live by helping people connect through shared arts experiences.

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On May 9th at 1:00pm EDT, Frédéric will lead us through a discussion about the motivators and real life obstacles to arts participation in Canada in ‘The Social Conundrum of Arts Participation’ webinar.

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