The Wallace Foundation: How a Nomadic Arts Presenter is Building Loyalty in Boston

A Festival Revitalizes Audiences and Appearances at World Music/CRASHarts


WORLD MUSIC/CRASHarts Tests New Format New Name to Draw New Audiences

How a festival and a rebranding effort could increase name recognition and draw younger audiences to an arts presenter in Boston.


Can a nomadic arts organization build a loyal, youthful following without a dedicated space of its own? Can it ensure audiences know about it if its shows are all in someone else’s concert hall?

A new story on Wallace’s blog shows how Boston’s World Music/CRASHarts is working to answer these questions. It describes CRASHfest, a vibrant, annual evening of international music, food and dance, that the organization hopes will accomplish two, interconnected goals: increase name recognition and draw the younger audiences the organization needs to ensure financial sustainability.

CRASHfest provides a party atmosphere to draw 21- to 40-year-olds, the story suggests, while also giving World Music/CRASHarts an annual platform to showcase its wide range of performances. Early results are promising, with hundreds of young new patrons turning up to CRASHfest and many returning for other performances through the year.

Click here to read about CRASHfest, World Music/CRASHarts’s marquee event to build brand identity and draw younger audiences.

The story describes how World Music/CRASHarts studied the preferences of current and potential audiences, used its investigation to design the first CRASHfest and tracked results to refine future festivals. It also shows how the organization’s market research efforts are leading to a deeper change: a new name and new brand identity.

Click here to see how World Music/CRASHarts is reinventing itself to draw younger, more loyal audiences.

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