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Didn’t get to participate in Culture Days last year? Don’t worry! It’s back for the second year in Nelson! This year it falls September 28, 29 and 30.

Last year we had 37 different activities across town and we were the city with the 7th most activities per capita for our population category (under 50 000) Canada-wide. Be a part of the Culture Days movement and gain more prominence in our community. This year our goal is to win by having 50 activities!

Attached is a PDF with more information on Culture Days. During Nelson Culture Days businesses, organizations and artists put on free activities for the community to engage the public in Kootenay Culture.

This e-mail is to inform you about organizing an activity. Organizing an activity for Culture Days is easy. It means hosting a free workshop, discussion or even artist among other ideas (check out this Culture Days article for 100 more) in your own space and registering it on the Culture Days website. We want to see activities ranging from how to change your bike tire to a hike up Pulpit Rock to dance classes (flash mob anybody?) to community made art pieces and everything in between. Use your imagination and think about what cultivating Kootenay Culture means to you. Maybe you would like to register as a hub; a location for several events to take place. I have attached information below.

Doing this not only shows you support the community you live in but also draws a wider demographic to you. One that will return time and time again and tell their friends how great you are after you’ve given them the chance to see who you are and what you do.

Free posters, rack cards and postcards from the BC provincial office are arriving mid-August. Let us know if you’d like some! Stay up to date on our Facebook page Nelson Culture Days.

Please feel free to contact me, email or phone, with any questions, comments or concerns!

I can’t wait to see your Culture Days activities registered on the website!

Thank you for your consideration

Espoir Segbeaya
Community Events Assistant

Culture Days is an exciting opportunity for you to introduce the community to who you are, expanding on your current audience or clientele. Culture Days is a great way to share what cultivating Kootenay Culture” means to you! Culture Days showcases the vibrancy of local arts and culture and encourages everyone to discover something new in order to reconnect with their own creativity and community.

How to participate?

  1. Create a cultural event
  2. Ensure it’s free to the public
  3. Takes place during the Culture Days weekend (Sept. 28, 29 and 30)
  4. Encourages participation, engagement or dialogue
  5. Register at under the tab “Register an Activity”
  6. Promote your event on social media and in newsletters using the hashtag: #findingawesome


The Culture Days Invitation

  • Individuals, groups and organizations that are enthusiastic about cultivating “Kootenay Culture” are invited to share what they do through this nationally-organized celebration of local culture.
  • The goal is to create a stronger appreciation and understanding of arts and culture in our region by inviting the public to participate in interactive and behind the scenes activities.
  • Our community goal is to have 50 activities!


Why get involved?

  • Attract a new, wider audience and reach
  • Market what you do on a larger scale
  • Strengthen relationships with your supporters, sponsors or clientele
  • Connect with other local businesses and artists
  • Increase community enthusiasm for what you do
  • Foster community engagement in local arts and culture


Need an Idea?

  • Hands-on activity: a yoga class, changing your bike tire workshop, how to make a certain dish.
  • Behind-the-scenes: take visitors inside your studio for a peek at creativity in action.
  • Excursion: a tour of a local building or space, a group hike up Pulpit.
  • Discussion: from theatre appreciation to favorite Kootenay trails…offer artist talks, conversations or roundtables, where audiences can learn and discuss.
  • Collective creation: let the public contribute to a collaborative act or work of art.

Don’t let these ideas hold you back! Use your imagination. What does Kootenay Culture mean to you? 

Concerned about your capacity to organize an activity?

  • Don’t worry! Activities can be things that you are already doing in the community and they can be twenty minutes, an hour, or the whole day. By organizing a free activity you can also anticipate these benefits:

Raise Your Profile: collect glowing testimonials for your next brochure or website update and recruit new members, clients, or audience members on the spot.

Make Meaningful Connections: share your space with other organizers, this is the perfect opportunity to meet other creatives in your area, share resources and form lasting alliances.

Highlight the Importance of Arts and Culture in Our Community: share what Kootenay Culture means to you with a whole lot of other people.


More Reasons to get Involved:

  • 84% of British Columbians say they attended other arts and cultural events throughout the year.
  • 71% better appreciated how artists and arts organizations make positive contributions to their communities.
  • 79% of attendees are prouder of their communities and what takes place in them after attending Culture Days activities.


To register, visit

Check out the Facebook page to stay up to date:

  • Tip: Register as soon as possible to create greater awareness of what you’re offering!


This Year’s Theme

This year’s theme is OnBeat! OnBeat is a collective drumming and rhythm-inspired event bringing together thousands of Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast, both in-person and online, to celebrate making the arts accessible, inclusive and fun! Maybe you have a way to add rhythm and music to your event!

We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions about how you can be part of Culture Days, please contact

Espoir at: or call 1 250 509 4103

Emma at:  or call 347 404 8552

Being a Hub is simple!

1.Commit to be a hub and let us know

Being a hub is like being a festival stage

2. Find artists, individuals and organizations to host in your space Sept. 28, 29 and 30

Promote your space on social media (ex. We have a time slot from 2-3 pm!)

Too busy, but still interested? Let us know!

3. Register your hub on by July 31 for inclusion in promo by Culture Days BC

4. Enter here: before July 31 to win an ad campaign for our region

5. Ensure that all the activities you’re hosting are registered on

6. Share a page with your programming for the weekend on your website or Facebook page

7. Promote your space and activities using the Culture Days BC branding and your own social media channels

Activities can range from arts to heritage to local cultural recreational activities.

Our goal is 50 activities as we want to have the most activities per capita in Canada!

If you have any questions or would like to be a hub please contact:

Espoir at:

Emma Chart at:

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