Heritage BC Update: New Jobs, More Funding, Two Important Sector Surveys

Canadian Conservation Institute Survey

The Preservation Services Division of the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) is conducting a survey in conjunction with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) that will assist in the development of federal programs and tools related to the sustainable operation of heritage facilities. Museums, galleries and archives are invited to provide 2017 utilities data for a single building, and answer a series of energy-related questions.

Click here to access the CCI survey. The survey closes on July 19.

Canadian Collections Care Survey

The Canadian Association for the Conservation of Cultural Property (CAC) and the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (CAPC) invite you to contribute to a nation-wide survey on heritage collection health in Canada. The objective of this survey is to collect data that can be used for advocacy campaigns, fundraising, programming or planning by a variety of associations and organizations.

The survey is intended for staff from museums, libraries, archives, art galleries or cultural centres with heritage collections that are accessible to the public.

Click here to access the survey. The survey closes on July 20.

Virutal Museum of Canada: Call for Proposals

Create online products with the support of the Virtual Exhibits investment program of the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC). If you are an eligible museum or heritage organization, you could receive an investment to develop a medium- to large-scale project.

The 2018 Call for Proposals is now open. The deadline to submit a proposal is October 24.

To read the full newsletter, click here.

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