Revelstoke Art Gallery: New Exhibitions opening June 29th

  • 4X4 Four Photographers, 16 artists
  • Jennefer Rogers Natural Interpretations
  • A Carvers Legacy  Group Exhibit
  • The Golden Girls Annual Show

    June 29th – August 24th 2018

    Opening Reception:
    June 29th, 6 – 9pm

4 X4

Four times four equals 16. Four photographers were chosen to submit an image which has  been interpreted by four artists. Always a popular and interesting show and one not to be missed!

Jennefer Rogers
Natural Interpretation
“Impermanence; the heart of Nature’s art.”
“Even mountains wear down into pebbles.”
“Make your eye-blink count for something.”
“Reverently, I look around and connect.”
 “I look up. Inspired, I begin.”

A Carver’s Legacy
Peter Blackmore, Kristi Lind, Barbara Maye, Karen Millard Jo C. Willems

A Carver’s Legacy is a tribute to  stone carver Pat Wells. Five artists have created works from stone gathered through Pat’s efforts together with samples of his own carvings. Pat’s gift to the artists of this show is the freedom to carve and the inspiration to honour the memory of this man who so enriched the world with his creative efforts. The five artists, range in skills from master carver to total novice. Though their styles vary greatly each of the stones has been touched by Pat’s hand.

Golden Girls Annual Show

The Golden Girls meet regularly throughout the year to paint together and use the local  environment for their inspiration. This year they have been developing their watercolour techniques and one member has been further experimenting with alcohol inks.

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