CBT: Non-profit Advisors Program Update

This program can help your non-profit increase capacity, become more sustainable and become more efficient. Here are some program updates:

Upcoming Workshops

The College of the Rockies Continuing Education Program is offering workshops in June including:

  • financial management for non-profits
  • board governance

Check out the Workshops tab on our program page for more info.

Serving You Better 

With new team members we are increasing ways to connect non-profits with an advisor, focusing on timely support based on your needs and project timelines. Our team brings a wealth of non-profit experience to help ensure your non-profit continues to receive high-quality and useful support through the program.

Our Non-profit Advisors team includes Gary Ockenden, Andrew Jarrett, Zoë Creighton and Kevin Allen. For additional information about the Advisors click here.

We also have a new Program Manager, Laurie Cordell. Laurie has been with the Trust for over six years and brings her varied experience supporting communities to the program. Connect with Laurie at nonprofit@cbt.org or call 1.800.505.8998.

Resources and Webinars

A range of resources to support non-profit operations are available online. From guidance on financial management to tips on how to run an effective meeting, check out the resources and webinar listings here.

To learn more about how the Trust works with non-profits in the Columbia Basin, click here.

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