Alliance Advocacy Alert / Make Your Voice Heard About the Employer Health Tax


Friends and Members of the BC Alliance,

By now, you’ve likely heard of the new Employer Health Tax the BC government is initiating in January 2019. If you are not aware of the implications, click here for more information.

As this tax will adversely affect our sector, we have created a very short survey for you to participate in, the results of which will be sent to the Minister of Finance and other decision-making Ministers. We are working on this in collaboration with 3rd Voice, a not-for-profit society that represents a broad spectrum of not-for-profits across numerous sectors.

Please fill out the survey regardless of the size of your organization, so we can show strength in numbers.

For larger organizations who will be most affected by the tax, please take the time to write your MLAs and let them know how this expense will impact you. In Ontario, the government implemented a tax exemption for charities when they implemented the employer health tax, so there is hope for a path forward. To contact your MLA, click here.

We need you to complete the survey before May 25. It will take you less than two minutes, so please take action now.

Complete the Employer Health Tax Survey

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