Lainey Benson art show brightens library


When winter hangs on, it’s good to have a place to go for a shot of colour. That place is the Nelson Public Library, where Lainey Benson’s vibrantly coloured local landscapes are just what the doctor ordered.

Lainey’s work has made its way into the homes of a lot of folks in Nelson and beyond, who see our region reflected beautifully in these bright acrylics. The library exhibition’s subjects include the back end of winter. Portrayed in a spring hockey shimmy at Lion’s Park entitled One More Game; another, Spring on Ward Street, is where we all hope to be soon enough. Other streetscapes, alleyways and landscapes embrace summer and fall.

Lainey grew up in a talented family of artists and musicians. In her family, drawing was a daily pastime, one that is still  enjoyed to this day.

Lainey was 17 when she came west, settled in Nelson, and eventually met her husband Jim. She made her career working with people with developmental disabilities, a passion she had discovered in high school. It wasn’t until their family had grown that Lainey rekindled her love of drawing. This quickly graduated to painting, and a new love was born.

Now Lainey spends almost every day painting, continually astonished and delighted by this turn in her life. Traveling and collecting images for painting are just added bonuses.

Lainey’s show will be on display at the Library until the end of April.

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