Idealware March eNews: Pulling Together

Working from a home office and being up to my armpits in research and administration most of the time, it would be easy for me to lose touch with our audience. But something happens every spring to remind me what technology challenges nonprofit leaders are facing and how they are doing.

Actually, three things happen. First, in addition to my role as ED of Idealware, I serve on a review committee for the Shavlik Family Foundation, which gives technology grants. Last month I reviewed 49 applications. I will meet today to provide input to help the Shavlik family make their award decisions.

Second, I also serve on a committee for the Dot Org Awards, a program of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. The awards recognize outstanding uses of technology in three categories: program delivery, integrated campaigns, and website redesign. I reviewed 20 award nominations last week and met with the other committee members to determine who would receive the awards.

And third, I attend NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference. This is the largest gathering of nonprofit tech folks you’ll find anywhere, and it’s a chance not only to see treasured colleagues in person, but also to meet Idealware’s biggest fans as well as folks hearing about our research and training for the first time.

All of this informs my perspective on what the technology needs are among nonprofits and what they consider to be worth funding and recognition. Here are three brief observations so far:

  • Too many nonprofits are still living in a technology desert, with outdated and insufficient hardware. They know they need updates, and they are generally financially healthy, but they lack unrestricted funding to get their IT infrastructure up to basic standards. This has to change. Technology is too vital to the success of programs for it to be edited out by grant writers or denied by grant makers.
  • Lots of nonprofits incorporating tablets and mobile devices into their service delivery and using social media and messaging to engage people are learning that these tools and channels can be highly effective for achieving program and communication goals. At the same time, scientists and public health leaders are raising serious questions about the risks of heavy use of personal devices and social media. Is this an ethical dilemma for nonprofit leaders? Are we creating a snake that’s eating its own tail?
  • This year’s batch of applications showed a notable improvement in the level of data maturity, with many applicants collecting data systematically. In turn, this was linked to many grant applications seeking to implement or optimize CRM and data management tools. Next they will need to push toward using data for continuous improvement and for making informed decisions in real time.

Each of these areas presents an opportunity for our leadership, together. We can help to interrupt that dysfunctional technology funding cycle by budgeted for technology upgrade and replacement costs, fully allocating technology into your program budgets, and learning to talk about return on investment for technology in a compelling way.

If you’re a grantmaker, you can advocate for funding technology expenses and supporting professional development, including the development of essential technology leadership skills. We can start having more conversations about the responsible, ethical use of technology and nonprofits’ role in equipping our constituents to thrive in a digital age–including embracing devices and knowing when to put them down. We can refuse to be satisfied with data practices that create extra work and don’t truly help us make better decisions.

All of this requires us to see information technology not as yet another obligation or item on our to-do list, but as a core resource that fuels our effectiveness and helps us achieve our missions.

I’m up for it. Are you?

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