Kutenai Art Therapy Institute: Upcoming KATI workshops and new structure for KATI distance student cohort

LIFE Changing heARTs: Towards an Indigenous Practice Model

A two-day workshop introducing an Indigenous approach to facilitating arts-based healing with Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline

March 28-299am-4pm, includes lunch
At KATI — 191 Baker St, 2nd floor, Nelson BC
Regular rate $250, Early-bird rate $200 if paid before March 1 (extended to March 12)
Subsidies available

A Traditional Indigenous perspective sees healing and teaching as interrelated processes that are simultaneously co-occurring in any and all environments. Engage collaboratively in an arts-based healing process, grounded in Indigenous philosophies and practices. Join us for an engaged and inspiring Healing ARTs (heARTs) experience, and open to the power of Circle, Ceremony, Song, Prayer, Story, and Art.

Day One will focus on exploring the Medicine Wheel Teachings in alignment with this Indigenous Healing and Teaching Model, including: Walking My Talk; Embracing Spirituality; Respectfully Relating; and Deepening Interdependence.

Day Two will widen the Circle, by exploring arts-based strategies, to work at multiple levels simultaneously: Sustaining a Positive Sense of Self; Enhancing All Relations; Mediating Societally-Constructed Traumas; Disarming Institutional Power; and Reconnecting to Protect our Earth Mother.

Fyre Jean Graveline RSW, PhD, RCAT

i am a Metis woman from Northern Manitoba.
Recently relocated to Nelson, to teach at KATI.
i am a Therapist. Healer. heARTist. Educator. Writer.
Indigenous Knowledge Keeper.
Ceremonial leader. Community Activist.

i am keenly interested in how Spirituality and Art.
can reconnect us to our Power. our LIFE Purpose.
repair our once Sustainable Relationship to Mother Earth.
and restore Balance and Harmony among All Our Relations.

i am an author of Circle Works (1998. 2012).
and Healing Wounded Hearts (2004).

Stand-alone evening talk

ReEnlivening our Shared World through Indigenous Healing Arts (HeARTs)

March 28, 7-9pm
At KATI — 191 Baker St, 2nd floor, Nelson BC
$20 suggested donation

Compassionate Storytelling: The Intimacy of Being

A single-day workshop exploring the intimate story of our inner lives through expressive arts therapy with Dr. Markus Alexander

May 5 — 9am-4pm
Regular rate $125, Early-bird rate $100 if paid before April 1

Intimacy of being requires a strong yet subtle resonance with movement within. Markus’ approach to expressive arts work is to give that resonance within, a life in the world. “The arts are one way to give inner life, movement in the world. The arts stimulate our awareness and activate our mindful bodies.” Our embodied feelings become rich and lush.

The studio is a kind of liminal space, a space between, a safe place to explore our ability to give our inner lives a chance to breath and function in the world.

Story-telling is one way to create a frame for the unfolding of our compassionate relationship with both our hearts and the heart of our communities. Expressive arts, creates ways of exploring our inner movement, i.e. ‘story lines” in ways that are verbal and non-verbal. Participants will leave the workshop with a more embodied awareness of the inter-dependence of our senses in navigating our inner and outer worlds. “Simplicity of awareness leads to more heartful, creative and playful living.”

Markus has spent much of his professional life finding the phenomenological language of the spiritual experience. His work as an expressive arts educator began in New York in the mid-80’s and continues now at World Arts Organization in Edmonton. He is senior faculty at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. Markus has recently taught in Peru, China, Finland and Ireland and will be working in Germany and Sweden this spring. He is adjunct faculty at St. Stephen’s College – Art Therapy Specialization and at the Haliburton School of Art and Design.

Stand-alone evening talk

The Intimacy of Being

May 7 — 7pm-9pm
At KATI — 191 Baker St, 2nd floor, Nelson BC
$20 suggested donation

A New Model for KATI’s Rhizome Horizon (Distance) Cohort

And Introducing the Groundwater Immersion

This year the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute is offering a new format for Rhizome Horizon (distance) students. This new format includes themed on-site immersions, exclusive to Rhizome Horizon students to keep class sizes small. Other significant changes include an expansion of our online learning environment and a reduction of the number of on-site immersions, reducing extra costs for Rhizome Horizon students.

This new cohort will begin June 4th, 2018 with the Groundwater immersion.

The term ‘Groundwater’ refers to the Groundwater initiative, a movement within KATI to advocate for Indigenous-centered art therapy education while committing to ongoing processes of decolonization and reconciliation. During this three-week on-site immersion, students will be introduced to an Indigenous method of art therapy practice with a focus on community-building and experiential course work. The immersion will be followed by online course work and the development of community and clinical art therapy placements. KATI’s theoretical courses are currently being reviewed and revised to reflect the principles of the Groundwater initiative, including further integration of Indigenous perspectives and methodologies.

The second year will follow a similar pattern—beginning with a themed 3-week residential immersion in June 2019 for experiential courses, followed by online course work, clinical placements in community, and major project / thesis work. This first cohort will complete with a 3-week residential immersion in June 2020.

In summary, this new delivery model includes:

a)      3 three-week themed immersions each June;

1)      2018 – Groundwater: Indigenous healing; loss & grief

2)      2019 – Fire and Earth: Expressive arts therapy; family art therapy; trauma

3)      2020 – Air and Sky: Arts-based community development; eco art therapy

b)     Online course work and engagement via class webinars

c)      Online individual and small group art therapy supervision and clinical placement courses

d)     Weekly circle via webinar

Applications for the Rhizome Horizon cohort will be reviewed on a first-come basis starting in March 2018.

The Groundwater immersion will also be available as a two-week stand-alone workshop (June 4th – June 15th). More information about the stand-alone workshop will be available on our website in the coming weeks.

 “Walking side by side: sharing resiliency, respect and reciprocity” (Carpendale, 2018)

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