Kicking Horse Culture: The Travelling Mabels return Saturday March 10

It’s the gorgeous three-part-harmony vocals
that make this delightful country-folk group so special.

Fans of the iconic “Trio” recordings by Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt will want to spend an evening with the Travelling Mabels, a delightful country-folk group from Alberta. They made such a warm impression on our audience at the Civic Centre back in 2013, we’re delighted to have them back.

The Mabels got together very informally in the fall of 2008 when the three women were asked to give an ad hoc performance at a record industry party that was part of the Canadian Country Music Awards. The three, all music professionals at the time, immediately realized they were onto something special when they were handed several business cards before they even left the stage.

That original trio – Eva Levesque, her daughter Suzanne Levesque, and friend Lana Floen – soon added Lana’s husband, Keith, as bandleader and keyboard player. (Not just the token guy in the group, Keith — the Unstable Mabel — is a 30-year music veteran who has worked with stars like Shania Twain, Ian Tyson, and Susan Aglukark.)

The Mabels have since gone on to make a pair of memorable CDs, tour the country extensively, and get named Group of the Year by the CCMA in 2011. The women are all fine musicians on guitar, bass and banjo, but it’s those gorgeous three-part-harmony vocals that make the group so special.

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… and one more.

And the Mabels aren’t just great songwriters but storytellers as well, and every performance exudes warmth and humour when the Mabels share memorable stories that reflect their lives and experiences. As CKUA’s Allison Brock noted: “If you love great songs with superb female vocals then this CD should be in your collection.”

For tickets and more information, click here.

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