Kicking Horse Culture: Blues-rockers The Static Shift this Saturday Feb 24

Recuperating today from last night’s “enchanted” MasqueParade and lazily watching a brilliant documentary on Eric Clapton called “Life in 12 Bars”. Lots of film clips going back into the 60s in London with The Yardbirds, John Mayall, into Cream, then Blind Faith (who I saw in ’69 in Hyde Park) and then into Derek and The Dominoes, of course.

They tell of the story of all these young Brits listening with wide open ears to all the American bluesmen like Howling Wolf, Albert King and BB King – just to name a few – emulating the licks and, over time, finding their own voices, and making their own “new music” stepping on the shoulders of those who have come before.

The Static Shift guys were turned onto those blues-rocking Brits which then led them and drew them back further to those same American bluesmen.

Now, who knows what will become of Mitchell, Isaiah, and Keone of The Static Shift in the years to come as they try to navigate a musical career – it’s a very tough business! Who can tell what they’re destined for? But, I can say to the folks in Golden who come to our shows, I heard something when an email came in from an International Song contest announcing that these young men (I think maybe 16 at the time) had been awarded best song from a teenage band and clicked through to the video for Black Smoke.

It sounded old school and it rocked with a swagger. And Mitchell’s got a voice right out of the 70s. They got my attention; this video was the inspiration for the 4pm children’s show we’re doing next Saturday – check it out and you’ll see why.

Life-wise for The Static Shift there’s been a lot of water under the bridge for these young men since they played a Summer Kicks show here in 2016. I watched them on CTV’s The Launch recently and was gratified to see that some industry pros had the same initial “wow” reaction as I had.

I’m really pleased that we have an outlet like Live Kicks in Golden to be able to bring in artists to you that you’ve maybe never heard of or seen before giving us all the chance to experience something that is both entertaining and hopefully life affirming. This could be early days in a big career for these three young men and worthy of the price of admission. I hope to see you in the hall this Saturday night. They’ll be beer.


Here’s our KHC web page on The Static Shift  and this Saturday night’s show.

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