AGOG presents Claire Dibble opens Fri Feb 16

Art Gallery of Golden is very pleased to present Claire Dibble’s new exhibit at the opening reception this coming Friday Feb 16 from 5pm to 7pm. Claire will be there to talk about the various pieces… appies are complimentary and all are welcome.

This series of black and white image transfers on raw canvas was inspired by time that Claire Dibble spent in residence aboard a ship in the Arctic island archipelago of Svalbard.

The images are representations of small things and grand things in the landscapes and seascapes of the north, displayed in an imperfect format with frayed edges and eroding facades.

Small pieces of collected plastics have been incorporated to add a punch of color and visual interest. These bits of marine rubbish serve as a reminder that human impact is woven into every landscape, everywhere.

Claire Dibble is a photographer, writer, and artist based in Golden BC. Her recent mixed and multimedia projects look at the ways in which people interact with nature, the privilege inherent in remote interactions in wild places, and the impacts of such. Fuelled by a love of the outdoors and an adventurous spirit, she spends as much time exploring as possible.

In her work, Claire aims to highlight the ways we all are connected, to one another and to the planet at large. She notes that she is struck on a daily basis by the beauty and cleverness of the natural world, and much of her work reflects this source of inspiration.

Claire was selected to participate in an artist’s residency aboard a sailing vessel in the Arctic in October 2017, and images from this experience can be viewed here.

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