The MMIAM Journey – February 2018

International Perspectives in Arts Management


Research Article

Portrait of a Star: National Gallery of Victoria (abridged)

by Ruth Rentschler, Kerrie Bridson, and Jody Evans The full article can be downloaded from the International Journal of Arts Management, Volume 13, Number 2 – Winter 2011. The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne, Australia, is a “star” art museum whose mission is to illuminate life by collecting and presenting great art. “Star” museums are characterized as providing a total visitor experience as funded entities that make a difference by attracting tourists and local visitors to the city …

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transitioning from centre stage to behind the scenes

Interview with shayna schlosberg, managing director of the catastrophic theatre in houston, texas

Shayna Schlosberg was a professional actor in the United States before deciding to pursue graduate studies in international arts management. She graduated from the MMIAM program in 2014 and is now the Managing Director of The Catastrophic Theatre in Houston, Texas. What made her decide to make this career change and how did her studies help her in her current position? What made you decide to make the career change from artist to arts manager? Admittedly I had very little …

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an international approach to training the next generation of arts managers

in conversation with alex turrini, sda bocconi

Alex Turrini is a member of the MMIAM Program Committee, in addition to being former Director of the Master in Arts Management and Administration (MAMA) at SDA Bocconi in Milan. Alex has been instrumental in developing the academic program for the MMIAM program in Milan. We asked him to talk a bit about the focus of study at SDA Bocconi, the final phase of the MMIAM year. SDA Bocconi in Milan is the third and final phase of the MMIAM …

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