Silent Auction returns to Locavores’ Feast

On Saturday, January 27th, the Vallican Whole Community Centre will be the best place to be in the lower Slocan Valley. This is where you can join your friends and neighbours and a bunch of people you never saw before in your life to celebrate the Winter Locavores’ Feast.

The Vallican Whole led the way a decade or so ago by holding the Kootenays’ very first 100 Mile Potluck, now known as the Locavores’ Feast, and has continued the tradition ever since. It’s just so great that some of our young people have always lived in a world where the community gets together to eat heartily, visit, honour our farmers and celebrate local abundance.

This year the Whole has decided to give Six Slocan Valley Minutes a rest, and by popular demand is bringing back the Silent Auction. This, of course, is another celebration of local abundance and creativity. Artwork, food, crafts, services, gewgaws, baubles and alternative energy gizmos will be on offer. You never know what will turn up at one of these things, and you’d better be prepared with your chequebook and competitive edge, because there will be something there you won’t want to miss out on.

Admission is by donation and a generous potluck item composed of (mostly) local ingredients. “You don’t have to be totally purist about this,” says one of the organizers. “This is a fun event based on a concept, not a religion where you will be punished for not doing it just right!” Everyone is asked to bring enough to feed everyone in your party, plus at least one more. That way the folks at the end of the line will feast as mightily as those at the beginning.

This winter being the vigorous season it has been, the event will no doubt be a very welcome relief from that ol’ cabin fever. This is what community and extended family is all about. So get there around 5:30, and be prepared to line up at 6pm sharp. The Vallican Whole is at 3762 Little Slocan S. Rd. For more info, go to ~ Facebook/TheWhole.

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