Caprice Fine Art & Co November Newsletter

In this newsletter – art classes, a workshop, a new painting and more!

News from the Studio

Winter arrived here in the Kootenays with a bang!  There is so much snow already that it makes me want to stay bundled up in the Studio painting.  Luckily, I have plenty of work to keep me busy over the winter.

Art Lessons

On Sunday I finished teaching two sets of 6 week classes.  I am always sad to say goodbye to my students after bonding with them and watching them blossom as painters.  Painting is a very intimate process so we do become connected.  Luckily many of the students will return for classes in the spring.  I will be posting the dates for the spring classes on the website next week so check it out!  Spring classes will run for 10 weeks, as 6 weeks is simply not enough time together with my students.  Please go to our Facebook page to see more great photos from the classes!

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