150 Creative Acts at the Kootenay Festival

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150+ Creative Acts at Kootenay Festival

Castlegar – July 13, 2017

150+ Creative Acts is happy to report that we have logged over 380 creative acts so far since we began counting in late May. To date, we have made two candles to mark passing 150 acts twice. One is in the Station Museum and the other is at the Castlegar & District Public Library. Thanks to both these places for hosting our candles. We’d love to pass 450 before July 29 so please let us know what creative things you are up to.

The project is pleased to report we will be at the Kootenay Festival on July 22 at Millennium Park with activities for all ages. From 11:00 am – 12:30 pm, there will be an activity for 3 – 6 year olds. We will be building sailboats from sponges and paper that the children can then float in the ponds. The young ones can come by anytime before 12:15.  Between 1:00 and 2:30, folks can drop by to make the latest craze – fidget spinners! We will build these from paper, pennies and tooth picks. This is appropriate for 7 year olds and up.  At 3:00 – 4:30, participants can drop in to make friendship bracelets, again suitable for 7 years and up. To close out the day, we will have a workshop for ten people on Kick Starting Your Creativity. This workshop is suitable for teens and adults. It is especially for people who would like to create but who are not sure where or how to start. We will discuss what holds us back, what we could do and try a couple of exercises to get us going. To join this workshop, please sign up at our booth prior to the event. It will start at 5:00 and finish around 6:15. We hope to see you down at the park for the Kootenay Festival.

150+ Creative Acts is a project of the Kootenay Gallery of Art. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada. To find out more about the gallery or the project, you can contact us at 250-365-3337, email kootenaygallery@telus.net or go to our website at www.kootenaygallery.com We are also on Facebook and Instagram.


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Contact: Maggie Shirley

Kootenay Gallery of Art



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