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Impactful Heritage

Last week, we introduced the new BC Conservation Factsheet. This week, we thought we would highlight some of our findings.

One of the most impressive numbers is the nearly $6.6M that goes towards conservation activities. It is made even more impressive knowing that this figure is based on the activities of only 39 local and regional governments.

These survey respondents told us they contribute $4,275,610 towards conservation activities. That, in turn, generates another $2.3M in indirect and induced activities.

Indirect expenditures are those generated in the businesses that supply related goods and services. The broader, induced expenses can include food and entertainment. In conservation, we might think of a project that requires the services of expert craftspeople, who are paid for their work. In turn, they will pay sub-trades and buy supplies for their craft, and they will also pay rent for apartments, buy food and visit restaurants.

What does this mean? For every $1,000 invested by a government on heritage conservation, the spin-off effect is another $540 generated in the community. Not a bad return on the government’s original investment.

Another good return is GDP and tax. Again, based on the respondents’ information, we can estimate $3.55M is contributed to BC’s GDP and $808,000 is transferred to municipal, provincial and federal governments as taxes.

Add heritage related promotion and tourism activities to conservation activities and we can estimate over $37M is added to the GDP and tax revenues.

Now, that is impactful heritage.

Paul Gravett
Interim Executive Director

PS for the full report, please click on this image. Also, let us know if you have questions about the Conservation Factsheet or if you want to know what this information might mean to you and your community.

Heritage Legacy Fund

Now receiving applications

Who may apply:
Registered non-profit societies, registered federal charities, local governments, self-governing First Nations, and School Boards

Funding Programs:

  • Heritage Conservation Program for the preservation, rehabilitation, and restoration of heritage resources
  • Heritage Awareness Program for the research, documentation, presentation, and publication of information about specific community heritage resources

Learn more about the fund, and discover the guidelines and workshops by visiting our website.

Professional Development

The Cultural Resource Management Program at UVic announced their line-up of online courses for fall 2017:

  • AHVS 486B Museum Principles and Practices I
  • AHVS 487A Heritage Resource Management
  • AHVS 488B Collections Management
  • AHVS 488J Curatorship: Contemporary Perspectives
  • AHVS 488P Human Resource Management in Cultural Organizations
  • AHVS 488U Managing Archival Collections
  • AHVS 488Y Visitor Experiences NEW

Click here for more information on these and other upcoming courses page.

The  Cultural Planning and Development program at the University of BC also has an exceptional range of online programs for the fall:

  • Online Workshop: Digital Culture and Museums
  • Online Workshop: Engaging Audiences through Digital Media in Museums
  • Online Workshop: Historic Preservation and the Cities of Tomorrow
  • Online Workshop: Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Online Workshop: Intercultural Cities
  • Online Workshop: Resourceful Design Innovation by Re-imagining Existing Urban Assets
  • Tourism Workshop 1: Emerging Cultural Tourism Trends and Practices – An International Perspective
  • Tourism Workshop 2: Strategic Cultural Tourism Planning

Please visit their website to learn more about these and other courses.


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