1st deadline notice for next issue of The Artist’s Journal

Promote your arts event in

The Artist’s Journal . . .

for B.C’s artist’s who paint or draw

The April-May-June 2017 issue will soon circulate.

Do you have a Call for Entry, or its deadline falling in April May, or June? Please submit the information before the March 20 deadline.

Keep in mind that although your event may be later in the year, your entry deadline may fall in April, May, or June! So be sure to submit a.s.a.p.!

Calls for Entry are first priority for this newsletter. I will also publish news about your Exhibition or Art Show & Sale, but there is limited space for these (first come, first served!), so please send as soon as you can!

Your art news (Calls or events) is published at no charge, and will be seen by artists throughout this province! Published since 1997, The Artist’s Journal has become a valuable source of BC’s Calls for Entry, specifically for BC artists who paint or draw. You can help our talented BC artists get more exposure for their work and increase their income. At the same time, you receive exposure all across BC for your event and organization. Need help to word your news item? See a sample issue at http://www.artnews-healthnews.com/artists-journal

Art classes, lessons and workshops are considered Paid Advertising (display & classified ads): Three sizes of bordered ads are available, as well as classified advertising on the back page. Your bordered ad can be designed at no extra charge. To see a rate sheet, visit http://media.wix.com/ugd/d30a77_98d79331b2da4108b42ec6ab7b25ccf1.pdf

Remember, the deadline for this issue is

March 20, 2017

The Artist’s Journal is published four times yearly.

The deadlines for each issue are:

Jan/Feb/March issue deadline is December 15

April/May/June issue deadline is March 20

July/Aug/Sept issue deadline is June 20

Oct/Nov/Dec issue deadline is Sept 20

You are receiving this message because you’ve consented to be on my mailing list, or you were involved with an Art Event published in The Artist’s Journal. My apologies if you have received this message in error. To be removed from my e-mail address book, please hit “reply” and type “remove” in the subject line.

The Artist’s Journal

Eve Lees, Editor/Publisher

I’ll find the calls, so you can spend more time at your easel!



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